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65. Contributors to this Profile On November 7, 7558 I added this section to identify who has provided input into this profile.

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The SCP community is one with a long, storied history, built on the shoulders of administrators and staff who are not only great writers, but who are dedicated to keeping the site running smoothly. It takes a lot of effort to keep the system going, so it should go without saying that someone who is too impatient to meet said standards stands little chance of making an offshoot work. Most of these crash within weeks if not days, as the people involved decide it's not worth the effort.

Stereotypes / Characterization Frames | Beyond Intractability

An interesting twist or unique hook is one of the best ways to make your writing stand out and give it the best chance of sticking. Being different in this regard is anything but bad.

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Disclaimer: This document is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek analysis of common types of bad newbies. None of these are targeted at any particular person, and is meant to be entertaining, not offensive.

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The second form is the author who writes a mediocre SCP, then immediately cross-links it to no fewer than half a dozen other SCPs. This usually takes the form of suggest testing against these SCPs or more rarely never let these SCPs come together. A more extreme version is the author that actually edits the existing popular SCP without permission and adds a backlink to his own article.

Between Individuals. Once people get to know a person from "the other side," they often will determine that the other is not nearly as bad as they originally had assumed. (Though sometimes they might find out they are just as bad -- or even worse!)

If you find this information useful, or at least you think it is something that your colleagues may benefit from, please feel free to link to it. This will help to get the word out within the community. The more people that know about and use this notation the greater the chance that member of the OMG will take up and finish this work.

The notation for visibility shouldn’t be used – the assumption is that the data is publicly accessible. Although visibility symbols could be used to indicate the need to indicate access control this is better done using constraints.

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